Friday, May 13, 2016

Doom 2016

I'm now sitting at 1hr 50min in to Doom, stopped there a, incase i decide to refund and b, a shield wielding demon stomped me in to two pieces when i ran out of fuel on my chain saw mid fight.

Lets see...

The lore is here, if you want it. Remember the forced cutscenes in Doom 3? Gone. There are ghost (ghost?) images here and there that definitely play to a story and you can collect pda devices and read story to your hearts content and you can listen when the npc's are talking to you over mic and in person... but its entirely optional.

There's two types of enviroments you'll be shooting through. Arenas and explorables. The Arenas, station AI locks down your enviroments exits, says there is too much demonic presence and dosent lift the lockdown till you've literally killed every demon present. Explorable areas are just that, large non linear open areas for you to poke and prod around in. Almost always demons here and there but they can actually be avoided (why? pfft) and whatnot.

The Explorable area definitely brings out the shine on the main second ability of the pistol which charges up for a uber hit, feels like a sniper rifle to be honest, quite often demons near the one you shoot will animate and rustle around but not come homing in on you.

Your suit and your gear can be upgraded. Gear through armor tokens. Weapons you have to find the weapon mod first before you can start upgrading the mod.

You can repeat stages for challenge goals and hidding areas and collectables.

My impression thus far : This game plays somewhere between the mindless slaughter of Doom 1 / 2 and the Story driven slaughter of Doom 3. There is ZERO fear factor here, if Doom 3 could be called a Survival Horror First Person Shooter, Doom 2016 is a straight up First Person Shooter. Think Dead Space 3 or FEAR 3. No... not in quality of game. I'm meaning in the immersiveness and bone chilling fear around every corner of those two franchises original titles. Doom 3 had/has that bone chilling fear, Doom 2016 does not.

Control wise, really alot of fun. Shoot, when they glow glory kill. All weapons except the Pistol have limited ammo and the pistol probably does as well on higher difficulties. I wouldn't know, I like to feel like a god in my games so almost always play easiest difficulty (except alien isolation, god I loved being hunted in that one!).

Why stop at 1hr 50min? I'm not reaching for the refund button perse, just weighing the odds of me finishing this one or being distracted by another game atm.

Will answer that shortly.

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