Friday, May 13, 2016

Midweek iOS Release

About a hundred games released (as always) and can be viewed over on The following three made it on to my 12.9 Pro.

Catacomb Hero
Free, 249mb download, online required, game center enabled.

Action RPG meets Clash of Clans. Build your dungeon, expand your dungeon, populate it with monsters and whatnot to slow down attacking players. In your free time... and energy bar pending... go and attack other players or npc dungeons. Frame rate is a bit clunky on my 12.9 Pro. Controls are decent enough with plenty of abilities to keep action rpg folk occupied. 

Tutorial is forced, buttons grey out unless you proceed which often forces you to spend iap currency to speed things along(thankfully they start you with a decent stash) or stare bored at timers so you can see what the tutorial wants you to do next.

Final Thought : I've played entirely too many games in this genre and never, ever been a fan of other players taking my crap. Uninstalled.

Elsword: Evolution
Free, 99mb download, online required, game center enabled.

500mb post install in game download, consider yourself warned! Also note, this damn tutorial feels like its never going to end...

So far? Its alot like Marvel Future Fight actually. Except that you control one character directly and all the collectible/upgradable characters are abilities so far. There's also a strong Heroes Charge vibe going on with the stage layout and menu's. You choose from one of three classes at the start of the game, each class is a obvious stereotype (archer, melee, mage) and doing so chooses your gender. Two short skirt chatty females and a 'im awesome' personality male. 

You can equip gear and refine said gear on your hero/heroine. You can purchase and upgrade skills. You can collect, gear and upgrade 'mounts'. Dungeons come in normal and elite flavors, elite seems to be where you find and upgrade the mounts and normal so far has been geared towards your hero/ine and their gear.

There is a story but I gave up following it because while you can tap to speed up a conversation, you can not slow it down and after three or so stages of not reading fast enough I just gave up and turned on auto-pilot for stage play when the button presented itself.

Fantastic visuals, great animations, fully japan voice acted, the visual effects of your abilities are really cool to watch.

Final Thought: There is potential here, I'll stick with it abit longer, at least till my energy bar runs out :P The autoplay definitely saves this one right out the door for me. I can treat it like future fight and auto play/progress.
Free, 26mb download, online required, no game center.

This one reminds me of a snake game that came with the original windows 3.1, some old DOS game where you were a snake and you used the arrow keys to navigate around avoiding walls while collecting tokens that made your snake longer. is alot like that. Collect resource to get longer and stronger, hit anything (or anyone) with you head and its game over. Strictly online and it is competitive so expect other players on your map trying to block you in.

Controls are simple. When you tap on the screen, your snake goes after your tap.

Final Thought: I have to admit, after watching that video above I understood the fundamental concept of this game. Be an asshole, trap and win big. I think I'm going to like this one alot more now...

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