Friday, June 27, 2014

Assassin's Creed Pirates Updated!

Anyone who surfs my blog already knows how I feel about this game (hint : i really like it). Today Pirates got another update with even more content.

What's New in Version 1.4.0

- Explore a new chapter appendix in La Isla de la Juventud. Destroy the jail fortress to free the slaves and unlock an exclusive reward to refresh your daily challenges!
- Customize your ships to your taste! Try out the brand new customization feature and rule the seas with a brand new look!
- Enjoy the new Daily Reward system! Come back each day to earn increasingly valuable rewards.
- Experience more dynamic naval fights! Battles become faster, tougher and more balanced. You can now use your Spider shots to break any enemy attack.
- Connect with your Facebook profile and get a special reward!
- Catch 8 new unique fish with the new Legendary Hook!
- Jumpstart your adventure with the brand new Starter Pack, including an exclusive ship and a legendary crewmember!
- Collect random loot during your journey through the Caribbean seas!
- Enjoy tutorials and new information to enhance your adventures!

Funny that an iOS game that had most of its console/pc counterparts features has received twice as many content updates to it post release as its counterparts. Anywho, still highly recommended, go get it.

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