Saturday, June 28, 2014

Free, 82mb download, universal, gamecenter enabled.

Its been a good week for builder type games for me. Here's another one that initially slipped under my radar until I happened to watch a video for it somewhere and got curious. The premise? Ice caps are gone, the world is flooded. Super heroes are supposed to rescue survivors (you usually have to do it yourself, lazy super heroes...) and bring them up to these floating land masses. Your job is to build homes, towns, recreation, you name it.

And by build, nothing is held back here. You can literally draw and place every single block, make it as amazing or normal as you like. You'll be building alot of brick producing and converting units. Different quality bricks affect moral up on the floating island. There's plenty of quests to keep you occupied from building to selling to neighbors to going down and rescuing people yourself.

Graphically this game reminds me of The Incredibles for some reason. Over the top hero look I suppose heh, not a bad thing mind you.

There are timers everywhere. Making clay, turning it in to various brick types, expanding your island, lots of timers. But there so far is plenty enough to do that I haven't felt inhibited in any way so far.

The main means of leveling up increases your brick count for each type, how much land you can have and unlocks lots of new things to construct as well as allowing you to rescue more people. So far all the questing has awarded me with iap currency which is nice.

My only gripe so far would be the two finger mechanic for rotating and zooming in / out. It seems somewhat unresponsive, have to move your fingers in the appropriate direction quite abit to get the results to even start.

That said, this is so far a really nice game. There is apparently the ability to form crews with friends. I think we can jointly work on the same property, I'll look in to this further in a later update.

Anywho, if you'll excuse me I need to put on my cape and go rescue some middle aged looking woman standing on a pyramid heh.

o7 Swoosh...

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