Thursday, June 19, 2014

Midweek Release Roundup

Finally, its felt like a draught lately as far as my interest has been concerned on the app store. Picked up three games last night, all three are enjoyable so here's the skinny :

Free, 97mb, universal, no gamecenter despite their claim.

Fun little game, draw your finger on the screen to plot your ships path of travel, tap enemy ships when your various guns are facing them to shoot at them, use various crew and equipment abilities on the right side of the screen, work your way across the entire galaxy plundering pirates one planet at a time till you reach the dreaded Metal Beard. Loot system drops equipment for your ship, there is also the market that refreshes every few minutes. Iap present but so far optional. Love the graphics of this game and the over the top explosions and attitudes of the npcs heh.

Wings on Fire
Free, 48mb download, universal, gamecenter enabled.

Endless runner, you pilot an air plane dodging obstacles, collecting coins and fuel, dodging enemy aircraft, fighting bosses etc. You earn exp based on travel length and goal accomplishment. Goals refresh randomly as you meet their requirements. Full upgrading system present, all aspects of your aircraft and all aspects of gameplay (gem drop rate, buff durations, fuel quantities on map, etc). There's also multiple aircraft to run through. Iap present but dosent feel completely necessary so far for me, there is an add remover for 2 bucks and a permanent coin doubler for 3. Interestingly your aircrafts armor does not immediately repair inbetween attempts, you do have to repair it manually otherwise you'll eventually end up with an aircraft that explodes at the slightest touch of anything on the track. Been awhile since I had an endless runner, so here's mine.

6.99usd, 1gig download, universal, gamecenter enabled.

Well here it is, the game everyones been talking about for the last week or two. Been in development for almost two years now and well its pretty much completely been worth the wait. What we have here is the closest thing to god of war thats ever been on the iOS. Story driven stages, you will almost always be working you way from point a to point b smacking around groups of enemies with bosses at the end of each stage. You can block, dodge, light attack, heavy attack and charge attack. You are always auto locked on to the nearest enemy. You collect currency that heals you as well as lets you upgrade your equipment. All equipment is upgraded so far via in game currency. Your character himself is upgraded through iap currency that you can buy or find around the game. With the exception of three weapons, all equipment is in game currency. Alot of mixed opinions going around on this pay model to be honest. Premium with Freemium inside. Kinda like double dipping.

Ahh well, Its still a solid game, gorgeous graphics, solid sound and I havent felt iap pressured in any way so far.

There you go, my grabs for the week. I've slipped on my updates lately, part time distractions, part time real life stress, all seems to of been resolved in the past two days. Fingers crossed I keep this blog updated :)


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