Friday, June 27, 2014

Real Racing 3 Progress

My addiction to real racing 3 is never ending it seems and I can honestly say its to blame for my lack of updates of late. "I'm going to update the hell out of my blog tonight!" followed two days later by "One more race..."

Real Racing 3 is an amazing game, both in the good and bad. Its Free. Its got IAP all over the place. They keep finding new ways of sneaking iap in the direction of your wallet, of late they've changed the way upgrading your car takes place. Previously the final upgrade for any car part was iap, all upgrades to that part prior however were R$(ingame currency). Lately they've been sneaking iap only options in amongst the ingame currency ones. Example, if your car's engine had 7 upgrades prior to lately 1 thru 6 were r$ or iap, and 7 was iap only. Recent car additions, if the engine had 7 upgrades 1 and 2 would be R$, 3 iap, 4 and 5 R$, 6 and 7 iap. Things like that. Thankfully this wasn't retro applied so all the original cars and first few updates don't suffer this eye sore.

The time trial system is entirely iap energy system based, but has the potential to reward really decent iap if you perform well. Problem is, in order to perform well your going to have to upgrade your cars which means likely spending iap.

Another downer, the career progression system. At games launch every race series in the game was immediately available to you, the only thing holding you back was the currency to buy the entry car to get in it. Now, its a career minded system in which you can not leap ahead to your favorite car/series types. You have to work your way to them. So if you really really like the Arial Atom and want to use it, be prepared to cross over 50% of the game just to reach it. This is very annoying, but I'm not entirely sure greed was the reason for this happening because you can't iap speed yourself along to the series you want directly. Sure you can iap buy cars to clear series quicker but it dosent feel as direct. This new system does have one major draw back. The weekly discounted car thats randomly choosen every week resides behind the progression wall. So, for example if you havent unlocked the series yet for the car being offered at discount, you can't buy the car. Pretty much renders the weekly discount system useless 99% of the time.

Ok so, lets see. How about a positive. Custom Livery, aka decals and paint jobs and rims. Very very cool... but oh wait, a negative, hidden behind iap for every single purchase.

I'm having trouble with all the negatives to this game. Positive, visually stunning, even for a approaching 2yr old game. Very very nice to look at. Positive, LOTS of cars to choose from and well damn near all of them can be gotten with R$ if you have patience. Positive, manager system can seriously boost your income, experience and prevent car damage for a race. Negative, manager system coses iap to activate and only lasts for one race. Positive, PR system applied to cars assigns a numeric rating to your cars level of upgrade, requires you to upgrade your car to certain levels inorder to participate in certain cup races, this is a positive because it stops you from going in to what you can't handle. Negative, PR system forces you in the direction of those iap only upgrades for cars.

I could go on for hours about the pro's and con's of this game. But I will say this, despite its many many flaws, it is the single best race simulator on the app store, hell to be honest its better than several console race simulators that I can think of. If you want to work ways around the iap mechanics, thats even curiously possible. I won't go in to details here because its technically against the eula rules for the game but I will tell you to go to, the forums, and in to the tips / tricks board for rr3. Very very interesting discussions in there... hint hint nudge.

So anyways, the meat of this article is about the latest update to the game and how its single handedly sucked me back in to a game I hadn't played in almost 4 months.

What's New in Version 2.3.0
Take on the night with the ultimate endurance racing cars, the Le Mans Prototypes, on the classic Circuit des 24 Heures du Mans! Travel with The Crew and pursue an epic campaign of challenges, taking you on a journey to become champion of Le Mans. After earning your own FREE Porsche 919 Hybrid at Le Mans, race in the Time Trial competition to win a trip to a Porsche Sport Driving School! Then kick back with friends for big screen multiplayer fun in Party Play mode.
• Next Generation Le Mans Prototypes – Porsche’s 919 Hybrid, Audi's R18 e-tron Quattro, Toyota's TS040 Hybrid.
• An Epic Le Mans Campaign – Pursue victory in this unique series of challenges and goals.
• Circuit des 24 Heures du Mans – Race on the world’s foremost endurance racing circuit, watching the sun go down and the night set in.
• Party Play – Connect Bluetooth controllers and race with up to 4 friends in local split-screen multiplayer, perfect for the big screen!
• Porsche Time Trial Competition – Race your Porsche 919 Hybrid to win a trip to a Porsche Sport Driving School!
• Real-Time Multiplayer Improvements – Penalties for cutting corners, better results calculations, improved latency handling, and more!

This update adds three new le mans prototypes, adds a new circuit, a whole new series too. On top of that there was an event leading up to the real life le mans race. For 12 or so days each day there were a handful of events you could participate in. If you got gold trophies for all of them by the end of the event, you got a porsche 919 free! Also, if you earned the 919 you instantly unlocked the new and last series in the game "Endurance Kings", circumventing the normal progression model. The car is pretty pricey to upgrade, but around 20 of 23 upgrades she can easily farm the final two races of the endurance king series, each race worth a minimum 150k or so in r$. Even better, if you have your 100% daily bonus unused AND spend 1 gold on a manager r$ doubler, your suddenly earning 700+k for one 30 minute race. Friends make it even better, their worth about 15k per friend you beat. The track is fun, lots of straight a ways as well as some intense curves. Very long track, 3 minutes a lap on average.

So yea, I completed le mans event, am at 21/23 upgrade wise on my 919 and am earning over 800k once a day (with bonus) and over 400k every few hours (after vehicle repairs and 1gold spent on manager).

I'm spending that abundant money everywhere in the game, unlocking and earning cars like crazy. To boot, this next mondays car discount is being voted on by the players. Hoping the Lamborgini Veneno is the winner. I can't buy it yet but am really close to unlocking the series that its present in. I'm also spending lots of r$ on the weekly time trials upgrading cars so as to max my performance.

So.... yea this games horribly iap greedy yet is still really fun to play. I'd really like to see them add The Green Hell, Nurburgring(sp), its almost three times the length of the current longest track and has 157 turns. Epic... I'd also like them to reshuffle all the existing series. You see several tracks have been added since the game launched but for the most part those new tracks havent been implemented in the old series. I'd like to see the tracks shuffled up abit.

58% complete and counting o7

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