Saturday, June 28, 2014

Storm Casters
1.99usd, universal, 71mb download, no gamecenter.

In this game you play the role of a youth who escapes from their home village after its burnt to the ground. Shortly after your escape you meet up with someone powerful who immediately grants you the ability to avenge your friends and family, and then dumps you in to a dungeon to get to it heh.

Top down hack'n'slash dual stick shooter with card play mechanics. Default controls have the left stick for movement and the right for shooting at the nearest enemy or crate with a tap. You can in options turn the right in to a proper stick with more control of your aim if you want the challenge. Above the right tap attack button is where you'll have what ever special use item you've picked up. Bombs, ice grenades, that sort of thing. You can only hold one at a time, picking up another tosses your current accessory to the ground and these accessories do not follow you after death or running out of time.

Speaking of which, the gameplay. You enter randomly generated dungeons and have a time limit in which to get as far in as you can. Once the time limit ends or you die, you appear back at the start. All chests you loot inside the dungeon are stored and opened after you hit time limit/die. There are bosses every two or three floors that usually grant you extra time to your clock. There are lots of breakable crates and barrels. Most drop gold, some drop limited use weapons, afew drop chests and every once in awhile they explode damaging nearby enemies. Enemies come in all types. Melee, ranged, you name it. They get harder the further you go in and give increasingly better loot drops as they do. The dungeon is divided by floors, each wing houses a fixed amount. If you make it to the end of the wing you receive the key to unlock the next wing. This means each time you start a fresh run you can either pick up on the latest open wing or go back as far as the very beginning if you like to farm coin/exp/cards.

Speaking of cards. Each time you enter the dungeon you will be assigned three random cards that you own, if you don't like your draw you can spend gold earned inside the dungeon to try for a better group of cards. The cards are always useful and do everything from increasing drop rates to improving exp gain and back again. You receive cards in two ways. 1, from any chest you pick up, after you die you'll open the chest and sometimes get cards. 2, You can buy card packs with the gem currency which is the games iap. The card packs have guaranteed rare and legendary cards but there is no card in this game that you can't find randomly via chests so the iap here is completely optional. As well as owning the cards, doubles can be combined to improve the cards benefits.

When you die, and you will die. Or run out of time you are returned to the entrance of the dungeon. From here you receive your chests, experience, you level up, gain gems for doing so, etc, etc. Your gold will be spent on three things in this game. Improving your attack power, Increasing the time limit while in the dungeon and unlocking character progression at level 10, 25 and 40. Each tier of progression has a cap on your attack power and time limit clock. Hit the level requirement, unlock the next tier and you can take both to higher levels. Your character does change appearance slightly as he/she unlocks new tiers.

This game is a whole lot of fun heh. It feels like a rogue title where you go as far as you can and then do it over again. But the improvements you do between attempts takes it beyond a simple rogue title. I feel nostalgia towards the gameplay, it reminds me of the solomon's keep and boneyard titles. The music, certain parts of the track reminds me of goonies for some reason. I like that I can keep progressing if I want, though I usually don't. I like going back to the first floor and re fighting everything for mass experience, gold and chances at new cards or doubles of ones I already have.

This is a fantastic purchase, highly recommended. My suggestions to the developers for improvements?

1, gamecenter leaderboards and achivements
2, give me the ability to tag a card when i see my three that i want to keep so it dosent reshuffle
3, this game would be amazing with some sort of co-op multiplayer

Download it, enjoy it. Its toucharcade's game of the week btw.

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