Sunday, June 29, 2014

Random Progress

-waves- What follows is just general progress with the random games that managed to hold my attention for an entire week. Very rare occurance, trust me. I'm flakey like that. Big article so click below to read it in full. Or this summary : My pc addiction is letting me down, my iOS addiction is suprisingly holding my attention and I'm definitely very good at builder/strategy titles :P

Divinity Original Sin
Staring at this damn game on steam but not playing it until the 30th. Why? Because its still in 'early access' and they have confirmed that the day one patch will make the game incompatible with prior to launch day save files. I don't want to do the same thing twice... so I wait. Sigh. Its down right annoying too, even the games achievements are active now. I've never seen an early access game with achievements. Something nags in the back of my head that the developer may of flipped the switch for those of us with early access but forgot to say anything. Damn it.

Ahh well, there's plenty of other games keeping my attention at least.

Master of Craft
I missed a part of the tutorial, -facepalmslap- that said "If you equip a second weapon on your hero another hero will appear in your party wielding that weapon, up to six party members are possible." I didn't realize this until level 10, doh! I was grinding the easy difficulty stuff because my lone hero couldn't handle anything else. Now though? Two warriors, One healer, Two Archers at the moment and I'm capable of handling the first stage of hard difficulty.

This game definitely tries to get you in to the iap market early on. The timers aren't bad or anthing, what does it is all the harder content thats presented early on but unless your willing to spend money you won't be able to touch for a gooood long while. I'm level 14, have already unlocked Part three on the world map but am still in part 1, third section (hard), first stage. Why? Because everything else creames my clock heh. What I need to do is grind the stages I can handle. Every so often they give you a chest that has a rare crafting material in it. I assemble the weapon for it and then consume that weapon enchanting one of my party's existing weapons making it stronger. Grind enough and I'll be able to handle the hard stuff.

My cash is from three of the games current four businesses available to me. My steel mill supplies iron to make things at the warrior shop. My Cotton shop is feeding the archery shop cloth. Lastly the lumbermill is keeping my mage shop employed. While those are doing their thing I'm occupied cleaning up after the dirty lazy adventurers who leave trash everywhere and hitting their wares stalls. They sell random stuff most of the time but suprisingly often they offer buffs for free. Sometimes they buy all the stock in one of my shops, or complete everything being assembled in the mills. Or sometimes they refill my hero's adventure bar letting m go back out there and farm the rare crafting materials for weapon upgrades.

I really like the graphics of this game, all the little animations. The town is literally alive with adventurers and animals everywhere. Currently level 14, lots of cash generating farms around town now, the town evolves and grows every odd level.

I honestly am amazed how this game has me hooked considering I passed on it wednesday night because it didn't look like all that much. But really, its really entertaining. As I mentioned in the previous blog entry, this game is part puzzle/adventure and part minecraft. Part of my time is spent down on earth rescuing civilian survivors, I have to pick up rocks, move things, build bridges with my special lazer tool that lets me store blocks or place them at my discretion. I go through house walls, explore under pyramids, its really really entertaining.

The other half of my time is spent on my town/platform. I'm expanding the property as quickly as I can, I have a pretty solid idea in my head what I'm going to do with it. My current goal is 4x4 grid. and them I'm going to make it a really big fortress the ssize of the entire property heheh!

Multiplayer is nice, you can visit your facebook and gamecenter friends. While there you can leave a note and rate their island, you also receive a random block resource that you can place around their town. Usually 5 to 10 blocks and usually of the rarer variety. I suppose it could be seen as vandalizing my neighbors but I prefer to see it as giving them a rare resource to scoot them along. Another cool feature is that when a friend is down on the planet saving folk, you can actually join and assist them in their mission... and if not careful accidentally knock them out. A friend of mine was on my stage following me around, I removed the bridge I had made to cross between two islands but she was on the bridge, fell in the water and after a moment her under-roo's came back to the surface. I didn't do it on purpose!! -whistles, changes the subject quick-

Storm Casters
Still a very cool game despite all the unusual bugs that have begun surfacing for folk over on toucharcade. The ones I have seen? Occasional framerate stutter, fixed by reloading the game. My other problem is a bit more serious. If you close the game upcompletely while you were at your hero's character screen there is a chance that the game will refuse to ever load again. If this happens you have to delete and reinstall the game. My progress isn't lost but its still unnerving.

I'm in the mid 20's floor wise, just unlocked my second tier upgrade, now I have a cloak heh.


Aside from those, I've been playing abit of WoW here and there, some Real Racing 3, and just keeping a curious eye on the steam summer sale. It wasn't as entertaining this year as last, mostly because I already own all the really interesting games and also because I'm feeling a bit more frugal with my spending lately. Far too many 50-60 dollar premium pc game purchases lately that didn't hold my attention for more than a day.

Strange that free to 4 dollar games on my ipad hold more interest to me than 3+ year development titles on my pc/console that cost 50 or more per.

Ahh well anyways, back to Supernaut.


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