Friday, July 11, 2014

Evil Defenders
Free, Universal, 313mb download, gamecenter enabled.

Depending on your opinion of the tower defense genre, this game will either entertain you, or bore you to tears. Evil Defenders follows the tried and true tower defense design of guiding baddies from one side of the screen to the other and your only objective is to prevent them from reaching the other side. Earn coin, spend it on upgrades, replay stages on harder settings for increasing rewards, chase leaderboards via facebook and gamecenter. This game follows the linear tower defense style where enemies follow a fixed path and you can only place your towers on certain markers around the stage.

The upgrade system is large and you can refund/redistribute your points as often as you wish for a fee. The library lets you review anything you've ever encountered. There is iap but its on the low end price wise and seems to be completely optional and unnecessary to those willing to grind the game proper like. No coin doublers present, makes iap a hard sell for me (hint hint devs...).

In this game you are the bad guy and are being harrassed by the local good folk of the kingdom who are looking to make an easy bounty off your hide. Instead, you will kill them and take their souls as your currency that is spent mid battle on new towers and upgrading them, and out of battle on permanent upgrades to your towers.

Visually the game is decent, animations of the units are pretty generic, they all die the same way and they all follow the same path line. Nothing amazing but at least your towers and units do visually improve as you upgrade them.

Controls, nothing outside the norm here. You can place towers, set rally points for towers that have actual soldiers spawn from them. You can use spells periodically, you can speed up the next wave of enemies for bonus cash. Stages reward stars based on how well you successfully do your job.

All in all, its a decent game, no real complaints so far and at free with iap thats optional, whats to complain about?


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