Friday, July 25, 2014

Weekly Release Roundup

Been a quiet start to the week, nothing of any real interest had me till last night when the iOS got their weekly update finally. Lets start off with the big dog of the list, I picked up three games total.

Modern Combat 5
6.99usd, universal, 708mb download, gamecenter enabled.

Hello latest installment of the primer first person shooter franchise on the iOS. Ever played call of duty? Modern Combat so closely follows CoD that its considered to be a touch screen clone and... well yea it definitely is. Plays just like any CoD game ever, especially if you opt to plug a controller in to your devices blu tooth.

Good game, LOTS to do. character, weapons, upgrades, tech trees, single player campaign, single player missions, mutliplayer, etc, etc. Only thing folks are complaining about is the always online requirement. Can't complain too much in my opinion.  The always online mode prevents theft and with theft deterred Gameloft rewarded us with zero iap ingame. A good trade in my opinion.

Dream Revenant
1.99usd, universal, 372mb download, no gamecenter.

Fantastic sequel to Dream:scape! Explore, collect stuff, experience an awesome story, deal with big unpleasant critters heh. Headphones or a turned up speaker a must. Full 3d explorable enviroments.

There was a third game but its iphone only and in protest I deleted it. Whats with that? In this day and age, non universal games? Pfft.

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