Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Last Week's Releases!

Well that was a fun vacation last week. Love my work schedule. I worked seven days straight the week before, that gave me three days off last week. Then the holiday made it four. Slap in 8 hours of vacation and I essentially got seven days off straight! Win!

Of course the side effect was totally falling behind on my gaming. Ahh well, recap time. Three games came out last week, well actually alot more than three but I downloaded three to the iOS so here those three are.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
14.99usd, universal, 820mb download, gamecenter... yea right.

Holy crap its here! This game is the psp 1 title, completely ported with all the optional dlc like content that hit the original post release. In fact the only thing missing are the load times (psp 1 loading times averaged 45 seconds from area to area, ios loading time averages less than 5 seconds). Controls have been optimized for our touch screen devices though controller support is fully present. The graphics even look... crisper. Gamecenter is enabled but strictly for the friends list and yep full four player co-op is enabled. Make sure you read the fine print before forking over fifteen bucks though, the supported devices list is a bit short.

Civilization Revolution 2
14.99usd, universal, 428mb download, gamecenter enabled.

Sequel, better graphics, more gameplay options, win. Steadily take over the world, build armies, manage economies, you name it. I need some play time with this one before I go more than two sentences in depth though :)

Fates Forever
Free, iPad only, 302mb download, no gamecenter.

Think League of Legends, on your tablet. Huge pvp game, fight across maps with many unique characters, defend your structures while destroying the other players. 3 player teams. Spend earnt currencies on equipment and characters.

So those are the three I picked up, need more time with all three before I go in depth at all but what I did play of each, I enjoyed.

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