Thursday, July 10, 2014

Midweek Release Roundup

The list of games coming out each week is just getting bigger... and bigger... and yea. I'm keeping myself restrained from random and spontaneous purchases a bit these days but hey if you want to dive in here is toucharcade's release list :

With that said, here's the three I grabbed.

.99usd, universal, 33mb download, no gamecenter

VVeerryy simplistic game. You are a dot that attracts a blob to you at all times. You guide the blob around seamless stages collecting more blobs to make the one following you bigger. You collect all the blobs in an area and then go to the little square that flings you off to another area of space. Hazards are plentiful in the game, most planets have gravity wells that will pull your blob in to them, all planets are death if you hit them. Shortly in to the game you start encountering white 'enemies' that shoot guided 'missiles' and lasers. They like to make walls out of their beams, sometimes they even chase you across the stage your on. Both your enemies and your blob like to talk. Your blob is rather simple minded, eagerly commenting on anything around it. Enemies likewise are simple minded, though I did like one that yelled at me to turn my iphone off. Heh. I noticed immediately there are three areas available, each with several smaller stages. Death is mostly harmless, you just respawn at the start of your current stage and continue on.

Dosen't seem to be any overwhelming story here, no leaderboards, no score system either. -shrugs-

Urban Trial Freestyle
1.99usd, universal, 119mb download, no gamecenter.

A very unforgiving take on side scrolling race games. Reminds me of a modern day excite bike. Also reminds me of the exact game I also own on my psvita and is also available on most consoles heh. Best price is here though. Every where else its 10.00usd or more. So, the story is simple. End of the world, etc. You just ride your damn bike all over just about everything while the city crumbles around you. Earn cash for stunts, stage completion, besting timers and picking up bags around the track. Spend the cash on bike upgrades, new bikes and new looks for your biker.

You can ride around on the games default tracks, ride on other players created tracks and vote for your favorites, and you can make your own. Plenty to do, zero iap.

Add this to my growing list of psvita games ported to my tablet that just all round feel better because of the screen size and no stupid touch back pad. Fun game.

Hellraid: The Escape
2.99usd, universal, 242mb download, gamecenter enabled.

Whoa! Take infinity blade's visuals, remove the combat, introduce unparalleled exploration and a narrative story. This game rocks! Brilliant use of touch gestures to open locks, break things, you name it. You don't directly engage the dungeon denziens in combat, instead you indirectly contribute to their demise. Toss a rock at a switch that drops a shelf on a skeleton breaking it to pieces, that sort of thing. Each stage has blue crystals to collect, encourages exploration and there are achievements for collecting them all in each stage.

Very very cool game, highly recommend it. Will definitely be writing more on this one!

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