Saturday, July 19, 2014

Week Release Roundup

Decent week for games. Yes, I'm definitely occupied all round between kerbal, warlords beta, and whatnot but I did still pick up several games for the iOS and here they are. Didn't get anything new for the vita and its been months since my 3ds interested me so, this round up is strictly iOS.

Zombie Commando
1.99usd, 30mb download, gamecenter enabled.

You have a team of survivors all equipped with a variety of weapons. You control this team with a simple joystick mechanic and your goal is to keep the little buggars alive. Entertaining little game, collect coin from your kills, spend coin on additional team mates and leveling up the folks you already have. A whole lot of stages, all reward stars based on speed and accuracy of your run throughs. Only minor annoyance I have? Your people will not shoot while running. Infact they'll let stray zombies chew the hell out of them if your running across a stage and one happens to be within biting range.

That said, it is an entertaining game, worth looking in to. Zero iap.

Guardians of the Galaxy : The Universal Weapon
4.99usd, 71.6mb download (liars!), universal, gamecenter enabled.

First things first. This game is NOT 71mb in size. Once you launch the game it begins the actual games downloading, at almost a gig in size. Do not buy this game on your lte or 4g connections. That said, this is a very nice take on the battleheart genre playstyle. You have your main characters, tap drag to attack enemies, special abilities to heal, do damage, etc. Loot comes from mission rewards and a market, equip your people, improve them, etc. Leveling up the guardians improves all their stats, unlocks stuff as you progress. All stages are repeatable for increasingly better rewards. All the humor of the comic is in this game, slap stick, banter, you name it. There are alot of stages to complete, plenty to keep us occupied. Zero iap, no internet connection requirement. Two thumbs up so far!

Mad Bullets
Free, 68mb download, univseral, gamecenter enabled.

Endless Rail shooter. Very good one too, charming graphics, a whole lot of action, im enjoying myself so far. Essentially you tap to shoot. Shot anything glowing yellow, those are crates and barrels and have loot in them. Shoot red hostiles before the shoot at you. If they shoot at you ,shoot the bullet before i reaches you. Do not shoot the green civilians, though you can shoot the chains to free them or the beer mugs to get them to pay attention. Everything shot earns cash, cash is spent on buff improvement in all aspects of the game play. Periodically you rank up improving things even more, carry more ammo etc.

Iap is present in the form of coin packs, coin doubler and a ad remover. Personally, I think any purchase what so ever should remove the ads but thats just me. Good game here, worth the free asking price :P

Two other games I picked up didn't hold my interest, one near put me to sleep so here you go. My new releases o7

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