Thursday, July 10, 2014

Real Racing 3 Update!

A new update hit yesterday morning, I've given it a full days run and with no bugs of note here's the skinny.
. New Car Ferrari F40.
. New Car Ferrari F50.
. Both cars have been placed within existing race series.
. Both cars have been given a new race series to chase each other in, Classic Ferrari Showdown.
. Gold rewards for leveling up has been seriously overhauled. Two days ago, leveling up got you 3 gold (iap currency). Didn't matter if you just hit level 3, or level  303. You got 3 gold. As of now, the gold you receive scales with your new level. At level 128 this morning I received 28 gold!

Also worth noting, the pay for the final cup races in Classic Ferrari Showdown pay almost as well as the final cups from endurance kings. But nicely, the Ferrari series is available much sooner to newer players and upgrading the ferrari's is no where near as painful on the wallet as the le mans cars in endurance kings.

I've also got this feeling the car handling has been tweaked across most of the cars in the game, everything just seems to handle a wee bit better.

So there we go, fantastic if not long over due update to the leveling system. The new cars and new races are always welcome but without a doubt this update is going to be remembered for the gold in our pockets.


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