Sunday, July 13, 2014


Final day of weekend duty... final day of seven day stretch.... can... make... it.

Mojang now offers a server subscription service and since all my mmo's are currently cancelled I figure what the heck. A persistant world for me and some friends, the service allows up to 10 people online at a time, up to 20 folks on the allowed list. Its a vanilla server, this service does not support any mods. When they get the mobile pocket edition of the service up and running I hear pocket players will be able to run around on the same servers as pc users so win win. I set up a survival server, large biomes.

-loads up world, logs in-
-runs around looking for trees to beat with his fist-
-gets up to take care of counter at work-
-comes back, dead from zombie-
-releases, zombie is nearby, chases him up a mountain-
-two skeletons up there, zombie coming from below-
-disconnects, changes server to peaceful, logs back in-

Christ. So anyways, low lands, nearby water, near by huge mountains, spotted caves, plentiful resources. Its promising.

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