Saturday, July 26, 2014


So, I own two laptops, a tablet and two portables. I like to have the latest toys, will probably never be out of debt because of this but really its just the way I roll. That said, I'm always curious as to whether my toys are the latest and greatest or if I'm falling behind the game so I did some surfing tonight and here's what I found.

My Laptop(s)
Asus g750 (2014 model year)
. core i7 2.4 clockable to 4.2ghz
. geforce 880m graphics
. 32gig ddr3 ram
. 512 solid state, 1gig 720rpm hd's
. not going to detail my second laptop, its a x551m, cost just over 200 bucks. I own it for the light weight of it, long battery life, for quick blogging, surfing and movie watching. no gaming.

I took a glance at the surface pro 3. Powerful tablet....laptop... thingie. Its always on my radar, never know when tablets will finally surpass laptops/desktops performance wise and the surface is definitely the closest its gotten to date. But, all hardware specs fall short of the g750 except convienence of portability and the price is actually higher than mine. Oh and all games I've seen running on it have been a excessively low settings and still had framerate issues. Meh. Also took a glance at the razer blade pro and edge pro. The Edge pro is a year behind across the board and the blade pro is behind on all specs though damn is it gorgeous to look at. Super slim, amazing really. My laptop beats everything I glanced at performance wise... and weight.... heh.

I don't really search for upgrades to my tablet. I prefer a ipad, period. And that means I know exactly where my potential upgrade will be when it arrives, and in september. Probably won't buy the air 2 or whatever they call it. My air is amazingly slim, really powerful and I hear rumors that this years model will be a simple processor upgrade and not much else.

The Vita slim is out. All performance related spects are unchanged except for the screen which is actually a psp1 quality. The bad? Obviously lower quality visuals. The good? Much much longer battery life and the images don't 'burn' in to the screen display when left on for too long. I like the slim, better looking controls everywhere, smaller rear touch pad means I won't hit it as often, screen i could deal with but... well I have a hard enough time actually paying attention to my vita. Not about to drop 200+ on a vita slim just so I can ignore it.

Nintendo, 3ds xl. No changes. still same device.

Thank god I don't need upgrades, still paying for two of my current toys :P


Lisa Wagner said...

So iPhone 6. Have you looked at them yet? Excited about iOS 8!!!

taeles said...

Fallen off the bandwagon with the blog -slaps own wrist-

Updates coming and yep mrs taeles has a i6 enroute, i have a i6+ coming mid october because apparently the entire planet is backordered :P