Sunday, July 13, 2014

Followup Supernauts
Free, 82mb download, gamecenter enabled.

Supernauts continues to keep me entertained after more than a week since its launch. I've been steadily completing the robots quests, expanding as told, just unlocked a new turf, the desert looking one. I had originally decided that my main turf was going to be a temple of sorts but last night while staring at it, it occured to me that the game is literally a creative mode minecraft with iap and timers.

With that in mind I decided I would build a supernaut version of something i had built in minecraft, see how it turned out. My first plan was going to build one of those super tall tower keep things with huge arms spanning out from the center pillar that always seems to end up being my home but after fiddling with it briefly I changed my mind. One of my early designs on a multiplayer minecraft server was a airship. And well this game has most of the tiles I like using in the design so a simpler version of my airship it will be.

Several mechanics to the game require certain things be observed when designing. First, you can not place completely free floating blocks, they must always have a connection to a solid surface. Was funny, the first complete outline I did for the ship, when I deleted the connecting blocks to the mainland, the entire ship frame fell to the bottom of the playable area. Embarassment followed as a friend happened to be watching when it happened. Ahh well. Second rule, you have to be within 4 or 5 tiles of earth tile when building. out in to open area. I had originally completely tore out all the ground around the ship frame before even starting the frame and had to completely replace a layer of earth in order to do any building at all.

So yea, frame installed, started working on the belly and the main deck in the above photos.

I got tired of waiting for the deck materials to finish being built at the bots so started spitting out stone that is used here for the air blimp portion of the airship. Added plaster for the blue stripes and the rigging connecting the ship to the blimp is actually sand heh!. Also made some outline progress on the main island. With the ship finished I was able to fully remove the earth from around the ship and even went down there and persued the chests that you dig up when excavating.

Now that the ship is finished I'm working on the main island full force, gutting out all the rock and lower layer of dirt beneath the island. I'll be squaring the entire thing off and am already doing some creative design work so that it dosent look like one big solid square. Definitely having fun with this game :) The crew I'm in is from mojo-farm, we particpate in all the events and tend to pull decent winnings for out efforts.

Events are pretty cool. What happens is an event starts and that blue little boat next to my aiship accepts resources. When you tap on the ship you see a series of materials that the contest wants along with quantities. When you fill all the current crates you receive the reward listed and advance one square across the progress bar. Completing the progress bar is completely optional but the rewards to get increasingly better the further you make it.

The other reason for progressing as best you can is that all the resources you send of actually are delivered to one centeral spot where you will build with your crew mates something based on the theme of the event. We built a stable and some other things cowboy themed for the western event and several crew mates as I post this are working on eiffel tower for the current event.

Cool stuff, good rewards. Good game, get it.


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