Saturday, July 12, 2014

Game updates and articles

Viscera Cleanup Detail

I've mentioned this title before, fantastic game with a really unique approach. You are the janitor. You know, the guy who goes through the stages cleaning up after the hero once he's finished ransacking, shooting and looting everything on the entire stage. Its your job to clean up the blood, bodies, ammuniton casings, refill medical kits, even place wet floor signs out. And... oddly its a whole lot of fun heh! Full co-op, large and varied stages and the ability to mod and add your own custom stages are in the plans. And this games just in early access atm. Epic.

Today saw a new upate for the game and the patch notes are lengthy and glorious. Here they are :
. Fixed pickup highlighting on bucket water surface
. Fixed pickup highlighting when not using hands
. Turned the 'GRAPHICS TO WASTE' knob down from 11 to 3 on the incinerator fire effects
. Also optimized the fire effect for burning objects
. Added extra fire effects for open incinerator doors
. Moved non-common classes and references to sub-package to prepare for mod support
. Added new Dig-Site map
. Added the Sandtrap actor
. Added new tool: The Shovel
. Added new sand mechanics
. Spare tools now show on back of janitor
. Implemented janitor gibs
. Increased mop and bucket saturation limits (yay!)
. Decreased bucket and bin machine jam rates (yay!)
. Movable dig site light actors
. New crates
. Bloody worker body textures
. Removed slippery areas from Evil Science...for now.
. Fixed med-pack lids behaving oddly after loading.
. Improved Trophy system to store anything you personally put in there.
. Improved janitor trunk to carry over skeletal viscera properly.
. Removed unused 'Use' Key from input bindings.
. Improved punchout system to punish you more accurately. (Doesn't apply to old saves)
. Implemented some extra optional/bonus janitorial tasks [Stacking Areas]
. Fixed fires causing scorch marks underwater.

Definitely enjoying the new stage and the increased usability of mops, buckets and reduction in jam frequency of the bucket/bin generators. This game may be in early access but it dosent feel it at all. Highly recommended! Buy it from their website or from steam for 8 bucks.

Kerbal Space Program

Not quite an update to the game yet but there's the video that shows how the contract system works and there's also a blog with run down on what first contract (the next updates name) will consist of :

. Contract system. Mission control will over you actual jobs with specific goals. Meet those goals and earn cash and reputation.
. Funds and Reputation. Funds are required to launch vessels (all parts have price tags on them) and reputation is required for accessing larger, more complex, more rewarding contracts.
. Vessel Recovery. With the addition of funds, naturally you will want to try and re-coop your cash investment as much as possible. This feature will let you recover a portion of the cost of all parts you purchased for your launch.
. Overhauled in game ui.
. New engines and thrusters.
. The tech tree is being rethought out.
. The empty body parts for aircraft are being repurposed as combiination ait/fuel tank units.
. More notes to follow.

Continues to be a fantastic game, I only took a break from the game when I got my new laptop last month. I was mistaken when I thought cloud support was enabled for this early access game and I managed to lose all my save data. I'll start playing again when the new contract system arrives.


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