Monday, February 3, 2014

7 Days to Die

So.... a zombie survival world builder simulator. -cracks knuckles-

1 minute in :
Alot of customization options when making a new game including multiplayer and whatnot I flipped switches, read descriptions, standard fare. Game defaults to windows mode, changed that right quick.

3 minutes in :
Ahh I am in game! Ok, the terrain is minecraft. Blocky step like hills and whatnot. Much better graphics though, had to stop myself from looking at a nearby Tree. The word zombie is in the description right? Yep, lots of zombies in the area. I loot the wrecked car and two dead bodies near me. Also looted some piles of trash. Found a gun, nice. I set out looking for shelter.

5 minutes in :
Loot table is completely random. I killed a zombie dog and found a can of food on him. A small intersection with afew houses. Standard zombie rules apply here folks. Zombies are attracted to any signs of civilization. And the bastards are sneaky! I snuck in to a three story house, closed the iron door behind me. I noted a hole in the wall across the way and I checked out the upper floors to make sure there were no lurkers. Coming back down stairs there is a really noisey zombie banging on the door I closed so I open it and shoot him in the head. Always aim for the head, that rule applies to this game too. Well I hear another zombie real close and turn around to find three zombies in the main area of the first floor.. oh and a crawler zombie joining them. I shoot my way through the group, winning duh.

10 minutes in :
We have hit points, hunger, thirst and energy. First three are self explanatory, fourth just means how long you can run before needing to walk for abit. I decided to explore some more, left that house I found previously and hit 'm', hey it works, nice. Map. Looks like the map may be pre-rendered, no random stuff. Nice map though, roads and buildings and names for houses and stuff. I hike for abit passing through some woods, confirmed zombies are attracted to civilization. No zombies for abit out here which is good because last zombie I encountered near the first intersection I ran out of bullets. The games got a minecraft like crafting system but its a bit easier. On the 'i' inventory screen you can choose from a list of things you have the materials to make. The placement requirements for the mats darken so you at least know where stuff goes to make the item except you don't know what goes where. Its been pretty self explanatory though so far. I tossed a stick and made a sharpened stick. There's what looks like a farm ahead on the map, onward!

15 minutes in :
Yup, its a farm and it has the whole children of the corn vibe to it. I walked down the road towards it then stopped at the sight of 8 or so zombies infront of the main house. Turning right I walked in to the corn and two things became apparent. 1, you cant walk through the corn. you destroy it as you do. 2, you can 'e' on the corn to loot it. Mmm, food. Oh and there is a 3, walking through corn is noisey as hell. 3 zombie dogs and 2 zombie farmers later and I moved in to the barn. One zombie in middle of barn, I ran past and up the steps to the second floor. I'm safe right? Nah, zombies in this game climb ladders. Killed the one chasing me, looted some stuff.

20 minutes in :
Hoped back down, ran across yard and in to small house. Zombies on my tail I quickly crafted a scrap metal door and tossed it up. Then periodically opened it and wailed on any zombies banging on it. Everything is destructable, walls, doors, you name it. Got to keep the locals off my door.

Thats my progress to this point, will continue on as I explore more. The game is early access so its basically in beta.1.1gig in size. 35 dollars for one copy of the game, 49 gets you a copy for yourself and a friend.


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