Wednesday, February 19, 2014

To the moon!!!!... maybe.

The mk3 easily gets me in to orbit. Three engine stages now starting with three solid fuel boosters as stage 1 burn attached via decouplers to three main engines acting as stage 2. Each of these three main engines has 5 fuel tanks feeding them. By the time stage two burns out of fuel I am usually already in orbit :) Stage 3 I use for minor adjustments, re-entry and for one attempt at the moon so far (didn't make it, but did get the pilot back home!). Just above the stage three engine are containment containers and spare battery packs. The new "Science Jr" lab just below the capsule is earning me quite abit of science but is fragile, if the capsule lands on solid ground at the end of the flight, the Sience Jr Lab explodes. Solved that with landing gear.

The mk3 lead a quiet life, afew mishaps early on but she did the job. Off to the mk4... and the moon!

Oh hey here you go, found some EXCELLENT tutorials on youtube from Scott Manley, enjoy!

Part 3 taught me that I've been getting in to orbit the hard way :)

Scott's entire 8 part beginner series, walla!


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