Thursday, February 20, 2014

Wednesday Night Release

Hey everyone, wednesday night, 11pm and lets see what hit the app store of note worth. The following link is to toucharcade's official list. I link it because not all the games there interest me, some may interest you however so there's the link just incase you want to take a peek.

That being said, lets see what I picked up tonight.

Another Case Solved
Free, 42mb, Universal

Looks like a match 3 type of game amongst other things. Its free, hard to miss on that.

Bug Heroes 2
Free, 407mb, Universal

Base builder, single and multiplayer, 25 unique bugs to improve and master, gear/food to scavange, mission system, definitely worth a look!

Colffire Keep
4.99usd, 156mb, Universal

Oldschool first person perspective dungeon crawler rpg!

Doctor Life
2.99usd, 65mb, Universal

The comments thread for this one mentioned the original bull frog theme hospital when describing it, sold. Play a doctor, build a hospital, deal with patients!

Mad Skills Motocross 2
Free, 67mb, Universal

The original side view racing game is back for a sequel. Great graphics, controls look nice and its got old people head banging in its trailer. Thats a win btw.

Second Chance Heroes
Free, 804mb, Universal

Had to grab this dual stick shooter the moment I saw abe lincolin with a chain saw.

4.99usd, 211mb, Universal

Reminds me of that sword n sorcery title afew years back.

There's a little over twice the above out today, the rest are on the touch arcade link I posted above.


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