Thursday, February 27, 2014

Wednesday Night Release

Ok, here we go another wednesday night... and a whole lot more games to muck around in. I downloaded eleven titles, half were premium and other half free-to-play. Not all the summaries that follow are good ones though, some of these games annoyed me for one reason or another. Here's the touch arcade link to the full twenty odd game list that released :

And now, off to my choices.


Primal Flame
2.99usd, universal, 43mb download.

A very nice game to look at, great graphics! Your finger is a flame thats keeping away the dark, you swipe around collecting seeds that extend the fuel of your flame. Catching leaves reduces he flame, additionally there are 'venus fly traps' that go after the seeds... and you if you sit still. You can draw through these plants stems to cut them off. Additionally you can cut the stem of a fly trap with a seed in its mouth to release the seed before it eats it. If a fly trap catches you, advice : do not swipe around frantically, it dosen't do much, drawl through the fly trap to break free. The music is enjoyable, the game gets quite frantic. Achievements award currency, there is no iap currency in this game. You spend your currency upgrading your flame in various way and also purchasing spells.

Fully recommend this one.

God of Light
1.99usd, universal, 64mb download.

Another visual charmer, in this game you control a spark of light in a dark world. Your job is to light the pillar on each stage. Bonus points for hitting all three crystals that fell out of the pilar along the way. How you do this is you angle the spark so that the beam of light coming from it hits various plants (mirrors) that reflect the beam around the stage. The iap in this game comes in the form of fireflies that you can use to temporarily light up the stage, doing so shows the route you need to take for the beam to hit all three crystals along the way to the pillar.

Great visual effects, solid music and responsive controls. Fully recommend this one.

Duck Destroyer
Free, universal, 440mb download.

I picked this one up on impulse because the screenshots reminded me faintly of duck hunt for the nes way back when. And largely, thats what this is. You move your finger around on the screen, doing so moves the targeting reticle. Tapping the weapon button shoots. You do this around various stages until the timer runs out at which you are rewarded cash based on how many goals you achieved. Each goal is worth a star and stars are used to buy new guns. Cash is used to by devices like dynamite sticks and also used for upgrading everything. As with all chillingo games there is a good bit of iap present. These range from ad removers which I don't mind to currency packs which I find highly annoying. Still, I don't see a pay wall here so far, just patience required to farm up the coins and abit of skill to get those stars.

Royal Revolt 2
Free, universal, 94mb download.

-facepalm- Take royal revolt 1's gameplay and slap it on clash of clans. I probably don't need to say more but I will anyways, sigh. This game is part time kingdom manager, part time player versus player. You spend your time and currency upgrading various buildings around your kingdom that do everything from generate income to unlocking new units for combat. Combat is two fold. First half is defense, you have a large swath of forest infront of your castle that you can drawl out with your finger as twisty and puzzly a road as you have road tiles for (unlock more road tiles by upgrading main castle). You toss defense towers and traps all over it. Lastly you lay out the waves your soldiers will come out when another player attacks you. If they win, they get some of your coin and trophy points. The second half of combat is of course, attacking other players and this portion of the game is literally royal revolt 1. Run down the road designed by the other player, smash all their soldiers and defenses, crush their castle door. If you do this within the 2 minute time limit you get much reward and trophy points.

The iap is horrible and everywhere and very much expensive. Developers, there is a reason why clash of clans was so unbelievably successful and why every clone has only been so to small extents. They did it first. Thats it, thats all. Copying their business model and throwing it on what was a great game, just lessens yours.

Play it if you like, but there is plenty elsewhere to better occupy your time in my opinion.

Running Quest
1.99usd, universal, 61mb download.

Temple Run clone with a combat mechanic and prettier graphics. Controls are iffy, often not responding immediately, plenty of iap in two forms. Exp/Coin gain doublers that I don't mind and currency packs which annoy me greatly.

Moving on...

Beyond Space
2.99usd, universal, 660mb download.

Woo, space shooter! Great graphics, responsive controls cheesy voice acting. Stage based, proceeding through the game unlocks new ships and equipment that you can mix and match inbetween each stage. Third person perspective meaning you can always see the back side of your ship, assisted targeting meaning so long as you are 'close' to correct with your aiming, you will hit your targets. All the important control options are hear though I would rather have a emergency brake button rather than a slider. Conversation at work as I loaded this one up :

Me : Woo, space shooter!
Co-worker : Hey look its star wars.

There is ALOT of influence here from star wars space combat, in particular the opening battle of episode 3. There is iap present but it simply unlocks vehicles early. Everything can easily be unlocked by playing the game. Recommended!

Thats it for this post, I have five more games to play and will put them in a part 2 later.


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