Thursday, February 6, 2014

Midweek Release Roundup

Hey everyone, its thursday morning which means a crap load of games hit last night at 11pm and what follows are the ones installed on my ipad. Seriously, there were enough games to put my ipad browser in to the drop down menu for tabs I was browsing. Most didn't make it due to standards I require for my money investments (translation : i dont play that which has no achievements... with rare exception). Anywho, here's what I grabbed.

Final Fantasy VI
Universal, 511mb download, 15.99usd.

New age final fantasy fans may call Final Fantasy VII the halo title of the franchise, but old school gamers like me? We prefer the old days of the snes and Final Fantasy VI (or III as it was called back in the early 90's. Why the name change? complicated, don't ask). This is a turn based rpg, massive in size, great sounds, controls, awesome story, its all here. Get it.

Galcon Legend
Universal, 49.9mb download, 2.99usd.

Action strategy title, involves claiming worlds, building resources over time and inflicting those resources on additional worlds, be damned who owns them at the time. Simplistic art style, great controls, Legend has a bit more of a story to it than the original, reminds me of Eufloria which... probably got alot of its style from Galcon to be honest.

Modern Command
Universal, 185mb download, Free.

Top down blend of command & conquer and missile command. I picked it up because its free, I hear horror stories about its iap though. Doubtful but who knows.

Line of Defense Tactics
Universal, 200mb download, Free.

Looks like a XCOM / Breach & Clear / CoD Strike Team type title. Turn based, stactical squad based. I'm hopeful!

Naughty Kitties
Universal, 51.1mb download, Free.

I... well.... I just... words fail me as to the premise of this game aside from it looking so insanely silly that it should be fun as well. Who knows.

And thats that, unless some developer decides to sneak something in on friday which has been known to happen, I'll have my hands full all weekend with the above titles. As always, hit up touch arcade if you want to see the other 10 or so titles that came out last night that didn't make it to my ipad.


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