Thursday, February 20, 2014

WNR... followup

And here is the followup to last nights release list, I spent at least 20 minutes with each game and here are some basic observations and such.

Another Case Solved

This is probably my favorite of the bunch. Your a private detective in the pro-hibition era with the twist that all forms of candy were probitited instead of alcohol since this is the app store after all. From your office you accept jobs which come from two sources. The first source is the newspaper, these jobs are simple match 3+ style and pay well enough. Completing enough of these though unlocks important jobs which are a blend of match 3 and question elimination. Meaning you stare at portraits of suspects and ask questions like 'is the person a male?' you get a yes or no and that lets you eliminate potentials. Pretty nice system. Jobs reward cash straight up, many have bonus objectives, often times bonus mini games follow jobs and there seems to be plenty of opportunity to earn the games iap currency, candy. When not on the job you can customize your p.i. and upgrade your office. Customizing your character is a pretty standard character creation screen with a blend of free, ingame currency and iap offerings. Upgrading your office lets you move new and better furniture, all of which has delivery times that can be sped up if you so choose. No iap wall so far.

Gamecenter yes, achievements yes.

Bug Heroes 2

Strategy title of sorts. Build your base, control up to two bugs at a time, stash food bits, fend off fleas and bugger critters. Plenty of upgrades between base and bugs. Solid graphics, decent sound. Feels like a mideval rpg... with cockroaches and bees.

Gamecenter yes, achievements no.

Coldfire Keep

Old school rpg, first person perspective, four character turn based active combat. Meaning your attacks have a cooldown before re-use and so does your enemy. Feels mildly hectic but not in a bad way. Inbetween combat there's plenty to explore, loot and even two sisters set up a inn and shop on the first floor that you can use as needed. There is a hunger system present that is offset by rations and fishing. Solid graphics, plenty of narative and banter between your party members. Controls seem to be hit or miss. The default touch gesture based system dosent always do what you want. This game does have controller support but its been lazily implemented. As innavigation works but you can't interact with anything or attack so the controller support is largely useless. Go with the alternative touch button control system, works much nicer.

Gamecenter, no. Chock this up as a purchase without research for me :/

Doctor Life

Tower defence meets Theme Hospital. You build the rooms and spend the days diagnosing and treating patients. Medicines aren't infinite so you restock them each night. As you level up you unlock more rooms for your hospital and with leveling up also comes new medicines and new diseases. Dealing with patients is investigative with four choices for ailment and four for medicine. Someone may come in complaining about headaches and soreness, its up to you to figure out which of the four listed ailments is correct and then choose a cure. All ailments can have up to four symptoms two of which you always know and the other two you pick up on over time. This game becomes increasingly more challenging as more diseases are unlocked and the shear amount of medicines unlocked as you level suggest that this game will definitely challenge your memory skills.

Gamecenter, no. Another spontaneous purchase /wristslap

Mad Skills Motocross 2

Side scrolling dirt biking, part one of this series pretty much defined this genre on the app store. You ride from left to right, jumping hills and doing flips. You can control your landing angle and doing so keeps you moving quick or... wipes you out. Bikes are unlocked over time, there are afew iaps but nothing game breaking so far.

Gamecenter, yes. Achievements, yes.

Second Chance Heroes

Top down dual stick shooter...... with ALOT of extra buttons that cover everything from interacting, looting and lots and lots of special abilities. Solid graphics, controllers put me off though as the analog sticks are fixed position due to the placement of smaller buttons around the sticks. This game needs controller support badly. TA's forum post for this game is arguing the meters and ethics of the free to play model present.


Beautiful puzzle game with great controls and awesome music. Honestly, I have zero complains about this game. Interactive objects are easily identified on the screen, the whole story is told in one of those children books where things fold out as you turn the pages. This one also has no gamecenter but to be honest, I'm glad I spontaneous purchased this one without researching first, its worth the price of entry.


I'll delve further in to the ones I find particularly entertaining, assuming I can pull myself away from Kerbal heh. I've successfully done two fly by's of the closest moon and am planning my first attempt at reaching the second moon now!


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