Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Week, Summarized

Monday, World of Warcraft. Tuesday too. Wednesday buried in snow, no game releases that caught my wallets attention. Pretty weak week in my opinion. Played WoW instead. Thursday? Got 20 minutes towards work, roads turned from slush to a inch of snow, lost control of car, recovered control and came back home. Played abit of Diablo 3, then back to WoW.

Friday night, I find myself sitting a work, still no releases worth my eyeballs attention on the ipad. Probably read a book or play wow. Been addicted to WoW lately as you can tell. I'm the proud owner of 1 lvl90 of every class now, which confirms I have no life. The character that I enjoy the most? The shadow priest with the monk in a close second. Both are fully raid finder seige of orgimmar geared. The character that I enjoy the least? DPS warrior. I just can't seem to find my grove with that one.



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