Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Diablo 3 2.0 is here!

The big patch has hit! Blizzard has decided to handle d3 expansions like wow expansions, meaning just before the xpansion you get a patch with all the technical stuff. And here it is :

Only thing missing is the crusader class and act5. My observations :
. Difficulty system is gone, no more normal, hell, nightmare, inferno. There is a difficulty system but its just overall challenge/loot/reward now. Higher difficulties give more exp/coin. Probably require a group. In any case, the actual in game difficulty scales to your level.
. Auction House is gone, may she burn in hell.
. Interfaces updated throughout, new map screens, new teleport screens, new menu's, etc.
. Progress through the story has been reset, you'll have to clear all acts again before you can actively move around like before.
. Paragon system now has talent points and trees to spend those points on.
. Paragon talents affect all your characters, not just the paragon.
. I've looted 2 backpack trips back to town worth of blue's and yellow's, every single piece was usable by my demon hunter.
. Can't access cow level till I complete the game again.
. Blacksmithing. Two crafting material tiers now. 1-60 and Paragon.
. The pre-order pet is in game and rewarded. The pre-order reward for WoW isn't.
. Clans (guilds) are ingame.

More obersvations to follow.


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