Saturday, February 22, 2014

I finally made it...

Made it to the near moon in Kerbal Space Program without dieing/exploding/missing it entirely, for the first time. Put up a flag to celebrate. Want to know what the flag says if you read it?

I finally made it!
Now come rescue me!

I didn't have any plans on actually attempting the near moon with the ship I had been fiddling with. Started out as an experiment to just see if it could get out of orbit. It did. Then I decided to test fuel consumption, got all the way to the moon. Decided "f-k it, lets try landing"

About 100meters from the surface I glanced closer while putting out the landing gear and a fatal flaw presented itself. Since I originally didn't plan on trying for the moon I didn't bother checking to make sure all the I's were dotted and T's crossed. In this case, the engine protrudes about 5 feet beyond the length of the landing gear. The ship plopped on the ground, the engine exploded and after a bit of travel the ship plopped down again.

Thankfully the game isnt overly realistic, infinite oxygen in the pilots suit and they never get hungry. I'll just pluck along with my other pilots and eventually I'll show up on the moon with a spare seat to bring poor Jebediah Kerman home.


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