Tuesday, February 18, 2014

And then I found my orbit...

Let it be known in the annals of Kerbal'dom that on this day 2/18/2014 at 4:12am EST Taeles reached stable orbit for the first time :)

Clature mk2 consists of capsule, parachute, architecture, four specimen containers, decoupler, fuel tank, small engine, decoupler, four architecture segments with five fuel tanks connected opposite of eachother each to an engine.

I launched full throttle. The atmosphere guage is split in to four colors. At the 10k mark where it goes in to a lighter atmosphere I pulled throttle to 2/3's speed. At 10k mark I also turned to a 45 degree angle. The next stage of atmosphere happens at 70k and at about that point the two main engines burned out, I decoupled them and engaged the stage 2 engine but only at 1/3rd throttle. At 70km I turned to a flat degree, exactly where blue and brown meet on the compass. At half fuel remaining I have established the above orbit.

Ran an experiment, this is one of the ways you earn science points btw. Experiments at various altitudes over any object your orbiting. I did a space walk with my Kerbal, thats another way of earning science points. Go EVA (leave the capsule) and right click on your Kerbal, fill out a report and hold on to it. It automatically turns in once you recover the capsule... or transmit it via antennae.

Sadly there are diminishing returns on anything worth science points. I won't be taking speciment containers up anymore until I learn how to orbit the moon.

Clature mkII

I've now earned enough to purchase another talent pack, I took the one that is aimed towards additional means of research, and batters for transmitting data back, nice! Should make me some profit.


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