Thursday, February 27, 2014

Wednesday Night Release pt2

And here is part 2 of the release roundup. As before, here is the link to touch arcades full release list. I link it because there are about 10 more games on that page I didn't bother grabbing.

And to the remaining downloads I picked up :

Cubed Snow
.99usd, universal, 15mb download.

Simple, fun, hard. You simply work you way down a snow mountain, turning by hitting the correct icon before an actual turn. Very hard for me because when you turn and go the opposite direction, the controls donw switch. So going left to right, right arrow goes down a lane, but after a turn and your going right to left, right arrow means up a lane. I'm not coordinated enough for this heh. Anywho, no iap, low entry price, if you got the coordination for it, enjoy :)

Out There
3.99usd, universal, 42mb download.

Endless runner with an ending? Space exploration rpg that your not to likely to complete on your first five play throughs? Both are apt descriptions. You are stranded, alone on the far side of the galaxy with afew dozen solar systems between you and earth. You visit the systems making your way across but you dont have infinite fuel, oxygen or hull strength. You maintain those three by visiting planets, drilling, probing, etc. Along the way you'll meet aliens, learn languages and new patterns to make more things for your ship that will hopefully make the trip a little more possible.

Graphically, its simple and works well, cellshaded sort of. Sound is great, track is on itunes. Controls work fine, this isnt a manick button basher. Take your time, decide what and where to go and work your way across safetly. The inventory of your ship is limited and made up of squares, you can place anything in any order you like. Clicking on empty squares brings up the crafting menu where you can make all sorts of things assuming you have the materials to do so.

Very nice game, looks like it will be very challenging.

Autumn Dynasty : Warlords
6.99usd, universal, 127mb download.

Sequel to the many award winning Autumn Dynasty this game series is an excellent real time strategy game! Warlords has taken it to a whole new level with capital management, kingdom development and more. There is a whole lot to this game, highly recommend it for anyone with a rts itch needing scratching! Too much to this to explain in a paragraph, watch the video.

Disco Zoo
Free, universal, 54mb download.

Build your zoo by rescuing animals. Rescue animals by playing a match game that sortta reminds me of battleship. Each animal has a shape, each animal is hidden on the grid. Pigs for example are a 2x2 square. You have a limited number of moves to reveal the entire animal. Revealing it adds it to your zoo. New habitats are built as you find new types of animals. Visitors periodically drop coin, animals earn coin, coin is spent looking for more animals. Its a nimblebit title, so its addictive and though present the iap isnt forced. Oh and as with all nimblebit titles the graphics are silly simple to the point of being pretty decent.

Cultures Northland
5.99usd, universal, 355mb download.

Holy crap Cultures is on my ipad! I have no idea how where or why it happened but this is awesome! Cultures, the original title centered around a group of vikings who decided to find a new land to call home. Once they found it they bunkered down and made a life for themselves. This game is a real time strategy that takes it to a whole new level. Name your villagers, choose who marries who, decide when someone gets to have child. Along with that of course is the standard building homes, laying roads, setting up production lines such as fields to produce wheat to the grainery to turn it to grain to the breadmaker to make bread for everyone to live off. Plus the damn vikings look as cool as ever :)

PC trailer because I couldnt find any other. Game pretty much plays like that though. woot, cultures on my ipad!!

Ahem, thats the jist of my choices this week, enjoy :)


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