Thursday, March 20, 2014

Comics, Battle of the Atom Summary

Well a itch needed to be scratched and in this case it was some comic book reading. I redownloaded all the battle of the atom that I had prior to taking a break and picked up the remaining parts to it.

Thats one complex as hell story arc. Don't click 'read more' unless you want the whole story arc spoiled.

Ok so everything revolves around the Original Five xmen brought to the present by present-beast who hoped them being around would knock some sense in to present-cyclops who's pretty much top on americas most wanted list. During a face off between wolverine's xmen and cyclops xmen, shield drops in and a big ruckus takes place. past-cyclops gets hit by a sentinel blast and dies... and present-cyclops vanishes from existance. present-cyclops resident team healer revives past-cyclops and present-cyclops reappears.

This freaks just about everyone out. Everyone decides past-xmen need to go back to the past now. Half the past-xmen agree, the other half refuse to leave until the present is in better shape than it currently is. About this time a group of mutants appear from the future, calling themselves the xmen. They state that the future is in a completely disasterous state because the past-xmen didn't go home. This group consists of xavier's grandchild, xorn(who is really jean grey), a big ice monster, a further mutated beast, a older kitty pryde, deadpool and the child of wolverine and mystique. A chase breaks out after past-jean grey realizes this group is mentally blocking her, she and past-cyclops head up the coast in a game of cat-n-mouse with this future group and wolverines xmen.

Now, after a close encounter between all involved, present-kitty pryde decides the past-xmen should be able to choose for themselves which puts her at odds with wolverine and just about everyone else except dark phoenix who agrees with her and shows past-jean grey afew tricks to get away right quick. Past-Jean grey mentally reaches out to present-cyclops who says they can stay in the present if they want, much to the annoyance of everyone else on cyclops team. In the middle of this discussion, wolverine's xmen and the future-xmen show up. Emma Frost from present-cyclops team figures out xorn is actually a future version of past-jean grey if she never went back to the past and a telepath war breaks out between future-jean grey and past-jean grey/emma/cuckoe sisters(little emma's, long story). The rest of all teams present decide not to throw fists and let the telepaths work things out. Future-Jean knocks out the little emma's and emma herself, but past-jean knocks her out and reads her mind. What ever past-jean sees of the future scares the hell out of her and she decides all past-xmen need to go home. Everyone packs up and heads for the xavier institute except present-cyclops and his team who wolverine says aren't welcome. Present-cyclops asks magik to take a trip to the future and confirm that these future-xmen are who they say they are.

Back at the mansion wolverine picks up on some inconsistancies in everything going on, has dark phoenix poke around and his suspicions are confirmed. The future-xmen kicks the present xmen around, lock down the school and take all the past xmen back to the time machine where they find beast and iceman missing who went out for a romph.

Magik brings the real future-xmen back with her after she discovers that the current crop of 'future-xmen' are actually the future-brotherhood'. A really big fight breaks out at the school, the future-brotherhood rounds up the past-xmen and tries to shove them through the time machine but nothing happens. They test the machine with one of their own and confirm it works but for some reason the past won't accept the past-xmen anymore. Brotherhood-Jean/Xorn freaks out and decides to force the present xmen to see whats in store for them. Future-Brotherhood heads to the nearest military installation and declares war on it. Present/Future-xmen show up to fight future-brotherhood and in the middle of the fight three shield helicarriers show up. Future-Jean mentally takes control of all three, fires every weapon it has at the present xmen and deloys the carriers advanced super secret sentinel models that no one knew existed, these models are specifically designed to kill xmen in particular, heavily magic shielded amongst other things. Past/Present/Future Xmen fight them off and kick future-brotherhood's rump, killing at least two of the group. Future-dead pool and future-jean grey bite the dust. Future-colossus(he was a future-xman who carried magik's blade) dies. Future xavier gets impaled by future colossus's blade paralyzing him from the waste down, ironic.

Present/Future/Past-Xmen all retreat to the school. Future-Brotherhood stays in the present, in hiding. All the future-xmen return to the future except Storm's daughter who refuses to leave until the future-brotherhood is rounded up. Present Cyclops and Present Wolverine still refuse to see eye to eye. Present-Pryde leaves wolverine's group because they didn't trust her during everything that went down, she joins Cyclops group. Past-xmen also join cyclops group because at least that group will let past-xmen decide their own fate.

Yea, alot happened heh.

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