Monday, March 17, 2014

Yea... I couldnt just let it go

I couldnt bring myself to quit playing thief when I was over half way through. I just ignored all the side stuff and focused on the main story. Actually enjoyed it more this way, less travel time. My statistics at game completion :

19 hours total play time, main story finished and half the side content complete. I wandered around quite abit so others results may vary.

As for the game? Decent, but could of been alot better. My personal gripes have been echoed every where else but here they are :

. Head bobbing makes me nautious at times
. Too many loading screens.
. Self closing doors/windows. Doors arent so bad but windows are a real annoyance when having to deal with the bash e, look the whole window sequence over again when you just went in to a room to steal two trinkets.
. Speaking of which, the bash 'e' mini game on windows and narrow passages, really not necessary for us PC folk.
. Inconsistant controls when jumping, running, etc. Later on at the bridge and when dealing with Erin I experienced more deaths/reloads due to controls not responding when I hit them than anything else.
. Moving throughout the city when your just trying to get across a district to reach another is really annoying. Fast travel for the fence locations and the queen of beggars would be a godsend.

Now, this isnt a gripe thread so I'll say this, I enjoyed the game. It caters to my playstyle, even if its rough around the edges. I probably spent my entire game experience in skyrim in stealth heh and I enjoyed dishonored's entire game with the same approach. There's alot to do on the stages, lots of ways of approaching everything and theres even more to do as side quests.

I'm going to go... 7/10 as my personal score for this game.

Played on Asus G75 ROP Gaming Laptop, mostly max settings, no framerate issues of note, no crashes what so ever.


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