Thursday, March 6, 2014

WNR Follow up

Ok, the rest of the games I picked up I mostly enjoyed, here are some paragraph observations from playing them each for at least an hour.

Knock-Knock Game
Universal, 4.99usd, 267mb download.

. Definitely has a good spook factor, especially when played in bed in a dark room while partially awake after a full nights work shift heh. First time the ghost found me I jumped. Second time, jumped. Third time, figured out how to hide. Thats scary too. Lights going out, scary. Front door opening, yep scary.
. Tutorial stumped me, mostly because in the house at the beginning you can go up the stairs by the door as well as down. To be honest, they waited far to long in the tutorial to introduce you to zooming in and out on the house. Pinch or spread two fingers to zoom in and out folks. That there will instantly make your experience easier.
. Its very hard to explain what you do in this game because the rules of approach. Most basic? Fixing the lights in the room. Additionally, if the camera focuses on a room that flashes red afew times, thats where the bad guy is, if you can reach it without the ghost finding you, you'll learn abit more about the game. But even that description is hard to get right. Really? You just need to experience this game, inorder to experience it.

Smash Hit
Universal, Free, 48mb download.

. Endless runner.
. Visually stunning.
. Controls work well.
. This is an endless runner first and foremost. The obstacle for this one is large sections of glass coming at you from random directions. Your tool for avoiding them is to throw metal marbles and break them. You have a limited number of marbles but you replenish your quantity by hitting small glass triangles scattered around.
. Solid game, enjoyable, plenty of achievements to persue and whatnot.

Lionheart Tactics
Universal, Free, 82mb download.

. Squad Based
. Turn Based
. Very nice game visually and the controls work quite well. There is plenty of depth and things to do along with combat. Upgrading heroes, equipment, etc. IAP comes to play with hero health and upgrading of anything. Hero health dosen't heal instantly after each battle, it takes time out of combat to heal. A trick around this? Have your healer party member heal everyone just before killing the final target in a fight. Upgrading equipment also has timers.

Block Fortress : War
Universal, 1.99usd, 282mb download.

. Stage based
. Strategy game
. I honestly like this game a whole lot more than the first Block Fortress. The original was very much minecraft like, camera angles, first person perspective. This one is a isometric top down strategy title. Stages involve claming resource nodes, defending them, spawning troops, fending off the enemy and killing their base. Doing so rewards currency that you spend unlocking other units, building blocks, etc. There are multiple worlds, plenty of stages on each, lots of upgrades for everything. Very good game :)


Uber Racer is a straight forward racing game in a post apocalyptic world. Firefighter Simulator, didn't play too long before wandering off. Demolition Crush, uninstalled after encountering the annoying energy bar. Games like this shouldnt be free to play with energy bars, they should work like angry birds. Premium price, optional quality of life iap. Deleted.


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