Saturday, March 29, 2014

TV Recap : The 100

Survival show, humanity near destroyed itself and now the remaining on the space station over earth send down a group of 100 teenager criminals to see if earth is safe to return to since the station is dieing. Spoilers follow the break.

97 years in the shows past nuclear armageddon happened on earth. At that time twelve nations had fully operational space stations in orbit. The survivors connected the various stations as a place to live until earth was inhabitable again. Present day in the show, earth is less than a year away from being 'inhabitable', problem is the life support systems on the station have failed. The governments first decision is to send down 100 teenagers all of which commited some crime or another but were underage and as such not able to be given the standard punishment of death for ALL crimes, these teenagers are dumped on earth and told 'if you survive, all your crimes will be forgotten'.

Well, the lander misses its landing spot by about 20 miles, two teenagers die on the way down when they think it would be cool to take off their safety belts and free float... and they did right in to the walls when gravity kicked in. Once on the ground the more serious of the criminals broke the wrist bands placed on them by the government to track their health status and they start getting lots of other people to do it too. Their goal is to make it look like the earth is uninhabitable so that no one ever comes looking for them. They proceed to act like typical idiots and dance and cheer and laugh and do nothing even remotely productive.

Meanwhile, four of the people head for the original landing site, a military facility that was stocked with supplies but never accessed according to records. They get half way there before one kid nearly gets eaten by a massive snake and another kid gets speared by local 'humans'.

Meanwhile in space, several commitee members force a vote to have 109 additional people on the station executed. As far as these members are concerned the teenager to earth program was simply a means of maintaining the oxygen on the station long enough for the life support to be fixed. Executing 109 more will push the existing oxygen long enough to save the other 300 or so humans on the station. The vote ties, chairmen abstains and gives the pro-kid-to-earth group 10 days to get absolute proof that the earth is safe, the pro-kid-to-earth group is convinced the kids showing as dead on their screen readouts are simply the idiot kids removing their bracelets.

Second episode, some kids have sex, some glow in the dark butterflies fly around, the group that original went in the direction of the base rescue the speared kid, they kill a angry and big looking pissed off panther, the we-dont-want-the-government-to-know-its-safe-down-here kids cook it and then use food to bribe afew dozen more kids in to cutting their bracelets. There's fighting going on in the station as the parents of those kids sent down don't know that they were and suspect consipracy. The pro-kid-to-earth group sets to work fixing a 100 year old escape pod that they mean to fly down with two-way communication equipment to prove that earth is now safe. Episode 2 ends with a big armored guy sitting in the trees above the 100 watching them eat the panther. The guy who had sex with the girl, the girls brother hangs the guy by his arms about 20 feet in the air away from camp.

Interesting show, will keep it in my hulu que.

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