Thursday, March 13, 2014

Where'd the Week go?!

Well damn, feels like I just posted last weeks release yesterday. Busy weekend and busy week so far. Heavy car maintenance over the weekend and a whole lot of Blizzard stuff this week, heh. Anyways...

Wednesday Release, very weak for me this week. Only picked up one game, surgeon simulator and that was a let down for me. When I saw the game memories of those surgeon games on the 3ds came flying at me and I honestly got excited, I loveeed those surgeon type games so I bought it immediately.

The controls are fustrating. The tutorial is shallow. Further research in to the pc version of this game revealed that the controls are actually exactly as intended, same as the tutorial and 'half the fun' of the game is apparently working with the controls and figuring out everything yourself.

All this game made me do was download the latest amateur surgeon from adult swim.

Oh, the links :
Touch Arcades list.
Surgeon Simulator, 5.99usd, 227mb download, ipad only.
Amateur Surgeon 3, Free, Univsersal, 328mb download.

There's abunch of arcadey type games, afew rpgs and a strategy game on touch arcade's release list. I also linked Surgeon Simulator... which I don't overly recommend and Amateur Surgeon 3 which I do recommend.

I'm still playing Mines of Mars from last week, very good game.

Now, as to the Blizzard stuff. On monday pre-orders for Warlords of Draenor opened up, wifey and I got our deluxe editions ordered immediately. Good thing too, account management servers crashed within 30 minutes from the overload of usage. Spent the afternoon and evening with the wifey and her insta-fresh lvl90 shadow priest, teaching her the ropes. I already have a lvl90 of every class alliance side so I used my insta-fresh lvl90 as a monk horde.

Tuesday, diablo 3 got a patch and hearthstone exited beta. Hearthstone also offers a free mount in WoW to anyone who wins three hearthstone matches against other players. That equaled authentication servers crashing heh. Got my hearthstone mount for WoW tuesday afternoon and got the wifey her hearthstone mount wednesday afternoon. Suspect I'll be getting my mom her mount soon as she much like the wifey just aren't all that good at card games.

So, there's my week covering recap heh.


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