Thursday, March 6, 2014

Devious Dungeon
Universal, .99usd, 43mb download.

Devious Dungeon comes from developer Ravenous Games, same people responsible for the Random Hero and League of Evil series and this game is really enjoyable. Controls are simple. Left / Right arrows in bottom left corner. B for swish/stab and A for jumping. B is also used for entering portals and talking to the merchant.

Your overall goal in this game is to progress through each stage, find a key and enter the portal. There are boss fights as you progress and several 'worlds' to run  through. EXP from killing monsters equals levels and each time you level up your character automatically becomes more powerful and you get a point that you can distribute anywhere you like. More hit points, more damage, or better critical hits. Coins are spent at the merchant in the castle and go towards weapons, armor, rings, trinkets and potions. There are iap packs on the merchant but aside from the .99usd entry fee, if you want to support the developers you really need go no further than the 3.99usd coin doubler. Get that and you'll be good to go. Note, you don't need to buy anything with real money beyond .99usd for the game, the coin doubler just speeds up the experience somewhat.

The dungeons are random everytime you enter. Dieing puts you back in the castle, no penalities beyond that though and you can resume any stage you've already completed, or farm older stages for exp and coin.

Gamecenter enabled, achievements yep. Highly recommend this one!

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