Saturday, March 22, 2014

WNR Followup

Ok, had a day or so with each of the games I picked up this week. Here's my feelings about each.

Star Horizon(apple)
Definitely a Starfox fan's dream come true, this is a railshooter in space with really nice graphics and responsive each to use controls. As a default, anywhere on the right side of the screen, hold your finger down and move around to steer. Single Target, multi target and large single target weaponry is accessed by your left hand, bottom corner. Swiping our finger up down left or right moves in the correct direction extra quick like.

Missions are large enough but not so big that they drag on. They are farmable, which will be necessary inorder to save up and upgrade your ship. They are star rated, each star giving a larger cash reward.

There are a number of ships and each is fully upgradeable.

The banter between pilots and you and your ai is really amusing and adds to the game. What dosent do anything for me is the random jabber your character says when being fired at by enemies or killing enemies. When your character says "Talk to the hand, cuz the face ain't listening!" 14 times in one mission... yea. Stretches my patience somewhat.

There's some variety to your missions, all are action packed. Every mission so far for me has felt like the first 10 minutes of star wars episode 3 when obi-wan and anakin were in a major space battle.

I like what I'm experiencing, two thumbs up.

Roll Back Home(apple)
Simple stage based puzzles. Get from point a to point b. Tilt controls, mandatory. I played it for a bit then moved on, I'm not a fan of tile controls.

Steamworld Dig(vita)
Started playing this thursday morning around 2 am. Played it until 9am, went to bed. Picked it back up around 2pm, beat it at 9pm. So thats... 13 hours on my first attempt? Sounds right. Dosent account for getting up and doing other things and whatnot. Very very very enjoyable experience. This game keeps you moving along at a comfortable pace, I never actually felt bored or underpowered for what I was doing.

Very very nice controls. analog or d-pad control schemes.

Sounds, good good. Nothing spectacular, nothing atrocious.

Three entire enviroments, lots to mine loot and kill. Final and Only boss was entertaining. Two thumbs up!

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster
Ok, confession. I never got more than 20 minutes in to final fantasy x. About 20 minutes in my wife decided she had figured out the controls from watching me play and she then hogged the ps2 until she had completely beaten this game.

Now, as a first time player experiencing this title for the first time ever... I'm impressed. This game changed alot of the rules I've come to know and expect from final fantasy titles. This was the first to ditch the traditional leveling system in favor of a sphere grid. The first to use voice acting. The first to use 3d enviroments. The first to not have the traditional theme songs in their proper format somewhere in game. It is also the last to use the traditional combat system.

I'm afew hours in, definitely enjoying it! Actually managed to kill my battery yesterday on the vita for the first time... ever.


Ok so there's the recap. I'll be in diablo 3 alot for the near future. This weekend they ditched the 50% exp boost and put in a 100% exp boost. Then tuesday reaper of souls hits :)

-cracks knuckles-


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