Sunday, March 16, 2014

Kerbal Space Program

Noteworthy :
. The nasa mission will launch separate from .24, but not to far apart
. You can't destroy all life on kerbal with an asteroid
. Asteroids have zero gravity so won't be approached like when going to a moon or planet, it'll be approached much like 'docking'.
. Each asteroid is worth its own full alotment of science points as each is unique
. No asteroid belt being added, asteroids will randomly appear at the tracking facility. They will remain in system so long as you track them, untracked asteroids disappear over time
. Lots of new nasa equipment coming with this

-cracks knuckles- I can't wait heh. Since my last update on this, I've gotten my kerbals off the outer moon after 5 attempts to supply them with additional rovers and 3 additional attempts to rescue them after I gave up on rover usage on the moons. Took 3 attempts because the first attempt I forgot to add parachutes /facepalm and second attempt I discovered that the outside seats you can 'mount' to your rocket fall off 100% of the time when attempting to land back on kerbal. The suddenly jerk to the rocket when the parachute deploys sent my kerbals falling to their doom each time I tried.

I've since sent a rover to the inner moon, stronger gravity having my curious as to its usefulness. Flipped one rover over, gave up and came home.

Maybe its time to start sending unmanned equipment to the systems other planets. Would be nice not flipping and wrecking and reloading to save my kerbals constantly with attempted landings while earning science points.

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