Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Follow up : Thief

This game is much more enjoyable if you ignore all the side jobs and whatnot until after you beat the game. Why? Because once you beat the main story All side and client jobs become available to you. So instead of bouncing all over the districts back and forth as more unlock, you simply visit the fence once, round up every side job, do them all one district at a time (side jobs don't get turned in, they just auto complete once you have the item required). Client jobs, the same.

Play time 23 hours. Main story complete. All side jobs complete. All client jobs complete. Only thing left is to chase all the optional objectives in each stage of the main story for cash so I can afford all the best equipment and trinkets.

Note, stages can be completely farmed. If you go in to a stage of the main story or client job and clear 100% of the loot, you can go back in again and all loot will be available for collecting again. This is how you save up for the most expensive trinkets in the game.


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