Saturday, March 15, 2014

Follow up : Bardbarian

Happy Friday folks, since this weeks release list was pretty week on my attention span, I've taken to wandering through my game library, working on games, checking out content updates and the like. First follow up? Bardbarian!
.99usd, universal, 65mb download.

Quick recap: bardbarian is a reverse action rpg reverse tower defense game. What's that mean? We'll reverse action rpg means while you will be killing everything that comes at the town, in this game your minions will do the killing for you and that leads in to the second part of my description. This is a reverse tower defense game meaning your towers are literally your party members and you lead them around the screen towards enemies so that they can attack. You run around, they follow, things die you gain gold, good stuff. Gold is spent on town upgrades, your hero upgrades and follower upgrades.

The game originally launched with one game mode, referred to as day 1. The day is split in to 4 parts, morning noon evening and night. Each part has four stages and a boss fight.

First update introduced an survival mode that had you running around fending off increasingly most hostile spawns of enemies while picking up randomly generated party members. No upgrades  allowed, this mode is considered the hardest because it relies strictly on your skills and a good bit of luck.

Another mode added endless mode, running dodging and collecting things while killing enemies with again random heroes. Much like survival, no upgrades allowed, this also is a test of your skill and luck.

Now, this months update added the much anticipated day 2, and insane mode. Day 2 starts on wave 21, picking up immediately after the final boss of day 1. Really well paying enemies, everything's harder, this is essentially day 1 on hard mode. Bosses come in groups and hit harder, etc. I've made it to the first boss, wave 24 but died heh. Insane mode is offered when making a whole new save file, and is as named. Insane.

Also in this months update are a new star upgrade for all units, hero and town. You can also now go as I high as 9 party members and can bring 4 types instead of 3. This, day 2 and insane mode are all unlocked only after beating day 1.

This game continues to rock, literally heh, great music, great animations, solid is best offered via the golden guitar, it's a coin doubler and all you will ever need. If you go beyond in to coin packs, the most expensive one is 3 bucks at 100k coin. Not necessary though unless you want.

Two thumbs up for this one,


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