Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mines of Mars

This game is something I've been looking for quite awhile for to be honest.

Universal, 4.99usd 89mb download.

Man, finally a game thats going to occupy all my ios time heh. Take the old ios game series 'i dig it', mix it in with the 3ds game 'steamworld dig' and add a easy to use crafting system. This game is something of an action platformer except that for all your exploring you'll also be digging, shooting and upgrading your way across everything. How to describe it... 

Ok here's a basic run down. You go below the surface, you mine lots of ore and gems until your inventory is full. Once full you return to the surface, process the ore and gems into craftable materials. You then take these materials to the crafting station where you upgrade your pick axe, weapons, various armor slots and other utility quality-of-life options. Once done, you reload your fuel, ammunition and head down to do some more. During this you'll encounter wildlife that usually wants to eat you, you'll kill all of it. This is the basis of gameplay. Dig, explore, craft, do it all again. I'm pleased to note that none of your gear breaks so thats always a win.

And its great :)

The game features a full day / night system and platlife seems to grow over time underground. There is also a mini game building on the surface with several very old school pre nintendo titles.

Sound is atmospheric, very nice. Controls initially feel a bit ackward, particularly the shooting but about five minutes in I was comfortable. Left side of screen controls movement. Right side mid to upper controls your gun and aim, bottom right is jump.

I can tell I'll be playing this one for a good long while, I highly highly recommend it. This is a premium title, zero iap. 


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