Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wednesday Release Roundup

Game Developers Conference is in full swing, as such the release list wasn't as large as its been of late. The two games I mentioned earlier today, their the two I picked up. Here's the TA release link for your full browsing leisure :

My two?

Star Horizon
3.99usd, Universal, 402mb download.

Good game, beautiful graphics. Think star fox.

Roll Back Home
1.99usd, Universal, 58mb download.

Entertaining puzzler, love the art style :)

It dosent happen too often but lookit there, three new games released on the vita that I actually picked up...

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster
The last final fantasy to use a 'old school' combat system, and also the first final fantasy to use full voice acting. Also the first final fantasy to not use pre-rendered backgrounds. 40 dollars, worth every damn penny in my opinion.

Steam World Dig
I'm in the minority amongst my friends regarding this... but I really don't have too much fondness for my 3ds. Nintendo just dosen't seen to want to market it to my age group. As such I'm always happy when a title I really like over there arrives on one of my preferred platforms over here. In this case, Steamworld Dig. Plays a whole lot like Mines of Mars on the iOS, you'll spend you time digging up resources, killing things down below, upgrading the town topside and all your equipment. Fantastic game. 7 bucks for plus members, 9 for everyone else.

Well there we have it, will likely ramble about tonights purchases over the next few days. Till then, see ya!


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